Living Your Passion vs. Working a J-O-B: Balancing the Scales

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Campus To Career

Let’s face it: If you weren’t born with a trust fund the size of Jupiter or into a family with strategically well-placed connections to the business world (and thus to ready-made employment), you’re going to need a job to pay the bills. This month’s rent waits for no man, and a growling stomach will soon convince you that working for The Man might be one of those “necessary evils” you hear about on the television sometimes. The trouble isn’t that no one knows this. After all, children are groomed from the time they can say their ABC’s to grow up, graduate college, and get a job. Then it’s a forty-year marathon to retirement, after which you get a gold watch and the free time to finally do all the stuff you would’ve liked to do twenty years earlier.

Here’s the thing about that model: It’s a dinosaur. It might’ve worked…

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