About me

Patricia Ragan Career and Technical Education Business Teacher, Canastota Central School District Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator since 2012 profile pic2 Email:  Patricia.ragan@usmie.com Follow me on Twitter: @PatriciaRagan1 I am a Career and Technical Education Business Teacher at Canastota Jr. Sr. High School in Central New York and have been a secondary educator for 15 years.  I’ve designed, developed and implemented innovative experiential learning programs during my career as a secondary educator.  Proud to be a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and have presented  learning activities at Microsoft in Education Forums in Seattle, Washington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Barcelona, Spain.  I designs learning activities that incorporate technology in an effort to engage student minds in deep learning. The Canastota Apprentice and CEO:  Collaborative and Enterprising Opportunity programs are two examples of programs I have designed.  These programs yield real world results including getting students “hired” in the 21st Century. I graduated from Syracuse University with a Masters in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation.   I apply Instructional Design theory through the design of innovative programs of study.  I am passionate about bridging the gap between the corporate room and the classroom.  My overriding goal is to get students “hired” in this competitive global marketplace.

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